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Opera «Le faucon» by D.Bortnyansky with Ukrainian libretto translation by M. Strikha — the first publication of «Wikimedia Ukraine»


«World of classical music — in Ukrainian!» is a project aimed to revive the tradition of vocal performances of works by composers of different national schools in Ukrainian translations.

The purpose of the project is
To popularise Ukrainian translations of vocal music by:
  1. publication in the Wikimedia projects and, where possible, on printed media;
    • managing concerts;
    • publication of audio / video recordings in Wikimedia projects.
  2. Creation in Ukraine precedents of literary and music publications under free licenses
Significant actions

Internationalisation initiative

It is widely known that any information is much more understandable if being read in mother-language of reader. That's why Wikipedia is a multilingual project aimed to share free knowledge all over the world. Also it is widely that vocal music affects much deeper being sung in mother-language of listener. That's why we try to share Ukrainian vocal translations in Ukraine and also invite wikipedians from all over the world to share vocal translations in their native languages in their countries!

  1. partly supported by WMUA
  2. WMUA did not support this concert