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Hi. Please consider fixing the following typos in the application form:

  • Aplicants are to show there involvement in projects. -> Applicants areneed to show theire involvement in the projects.
  • Aplications -> Applications

Thank you!! --Gikü (обговорення) 11:41, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти

@ViraMotorko (WMUA): — NickK (обговорення) 13:29, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти
Thanks, Gikü --ViraMotorko (WMUA) (talk) 15:26, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти

А в offer full scholarship «a» не треба перед фул? Також повідомлення про успішне заповнення не англійською чомусь. --ᛒᚨᛊᛖ (ⰑⰁⰃ) 18:53, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти

Custom text[ред.]

I think it would be a good idea to provide a custom text input in the application form, in which people applying for scholarships can leave some additional comments. Thank you. --Gikü (обговорення) 11:50, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти

If you have additional comments, you may post them here --ViraMotorko (WMUA) (talk) 15:26, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти
I wanted to request a partial scholarship in my application, but could not find the way to do that. Is it possible at all? Thank you. --Gikü (обговорення) 15:41, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти
@ViraMotorko (WMUA): Maybe we should add a text field for such comments? We did not think indeed anyone would want to apply for that — NickK (обговорення) 16:10, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти
I did think about this possibility but dismissed it as improbable Yes, partical scholarship is possible. Gikü, I added the field for this in the form, and I think you can edit your reply. If not, you may write me the details (what you can afford from other resources and what expences you see as to be covered by scholarship) and I will add it to the form answers. -- ViraMotorko (WMUA) (talk) 16:46, 2 травня 2017 (UTC)Відповісти