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Як резервний, допоміжний суддя. Бажання змістити трохи вектор фотоматеріалів від гламуру в бік енциклопедичності.--Dim Grits (обговорення) 12:01, 15 березня 2016 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]

Журі конкурсу статей[ред.]

Без уточнення[ред.]

привіт. @Ilya, Olena Zakharian, Leonst, NickK: українська частина досі не створена на коммонзі. і ми єдині без сторінки з локальних оргів… --アンタナナ 17:28, 23 березня 2016 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]

WLE Moldova[ред.]

Hi all.

Wiki Loves Earth is ready to be organized in Moldova. The Commons page has been created, as well as the local page and the list of monuments. Thanks to Visem, the list is also available in Ukrainian: w:uk:Вікіпедія:Вікі любить Землю/Молдова.

I would like to use Wikimedia Ukraine's help in receiving a grant for organizing the awarding events. The targets for WLE Moldova are:

  • at least 3000 photographies uploaded;
    • hopefully, at least 10 quality images
    • and at least 300 images used in Wikipedia articles on different languages;
  • around 30 participants with at least one upload
    • of which 20 newcomers;
  • at least 50 of the total of 471 monuments / protected areas covered.

Given the estimated targets, I think we would use approx. $500 for the awards and souvenirs. An awarding ceremony is not planned, but not excluded either. One main prize category is planned, in which the best three images get awards for their creators, and the next 3 (next 7?) receive symbolic souvenirs. The awards would consist of gadgets, with the main prize being a digital portable navigator. We also plan to have thematic/special prizes for:

  • user with most coveres items;
  • user with most images on endangered species;
  • 1–2 more tbd.

Please let me know if Wikimedia Ukraine can provide financial assistance or assistance with applying for a grant in this Moldova edition of WLE.

Let me know if any clarifications need to be made.

Thank you. --Gikü (обговорення) 18:45, 27 квітня 2016 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]

We might consider to use the May 15 - June 15 time frame, or even 1-30 June, so that we don't hurry up now. --Gikü (обговорення) 04:45, 28 квітня 2016 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]
Gikü, thank you very much for the message. it is well prepared. if May 15 - June 15 works for you, it would be really great. I'll prepare the draft of the Board decision about WLE Moldova (we'll need to change the budget a bit and include your targets in our targets). are you registered on phabricator? --アンタナナ 10:29, 28 квітня 2016 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]


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