Wiki Loves Earth 2019/Tasks

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Tasks for the International Team

# Task Responsible Deadline Progress Notes
1 Grant proposal (a fiscal sponsor if need be) NickK Oct-Dec 2018 Зроблено тут
2 Establishing a core team AntonProtsiuk (WMUA) Jan-Feb 2019 У роботі...
2a Inviting people Feb 2019 У роботі...
2b Subscribing the team to the lists AntonProtsiuk (WMUA) Feb 2019 У роботі...
2c Creating, updating pages on Commons AntonProtsiuk (WMUA) Feb-Mar 2019 У роботі...
3 Contacting the 2018 local teams Feb-Mar 2019
3a Creating a form for distributing bags and collecting feedback Feb 2019
3b Writing letters to previous organisers, new ones Feb-Mar 2019
3c Understanding the needs of local organisers Feb-Mar 2019 Create a checklist for asking them questions
4 Reviewing the rules, discussing them over the list Feb-Mar 2019 For example, the local organisers should give the international team not only the list of pictures, but also a list of emails of the winners and the names they want to be used, and the description in English of all winners
5 Wikimedia Summit 2019 Mar-Apr 2019 As a promotional event, talking with people
6 Technical issues Mar-Jun 2019
6a Jury tool Ilya Mar-Jun 2019
6b Banners, Campaign, templates Mar-Jun 2019
7 Contest itself May-Jun 2019
8 Local results July 2019
9 International jury Feb-Jun 2019
9a Looking for the jury members Feb-Mar 2019
9b Onboarding jury members Feb-Mar 2019
9c Rating pictures Aug-Sep 2019
10 Announcing results Sep-Oct 2019
10a Jury report - Oct 2019
10b Wikimedia Foundation, WLE blog post - Oct 2019
10c Communicating with the winners - Oct 2019
11 Awarding the winners, jury - Nov 2019
12 Report about the project - Dec 2019
12a Survey of the participants -
13 Social media (facebook, instagram?) Feb-Oct 2019
14 WLE blog posts Feb-Oct 2019
15 Souvenirs - by Oct 2019
16 Working with partners - Feb-Oct 2019
17 Creating a separate team for the contest (so they would be working on the grant proposal) by Oct 2019 If the grant system does not change