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5.28. The following shall enter into the competence of the Board:

  • implementing resolutions accepted at a General Meeting;
  • accepting the budget of the Association;
  • managing the assets of the Association;
  • deciding in matters of acquisition or management of real and non-real assets;
  • deciding as to the scope of obligations which exceed a 5000 hryvnia amount;
  • calling a General Meeting of members;
  • deciding the acceptance and exclusion of members;
  • reporting back to members at a General Meeting about Board activity;
  • accepting rules and agendas as provided for in the Bylaws;
  • managing the activity of the Association between General Meetings;
  • representing the Association before the general public;
  • authorizing Board members as to submission of documentation for of the Association's registration with government, and as to registration with tax authorities and other government bodies and opening current and other accounts on behalf of the Association.