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This page features a list of projects and programs Wikimedia Ukraine plans to implement in 2024. It was prepared based on the general strategic direction and proposals from community members. (See also a preliminary project calendar at the link).

Note: this plan is preliminary and can change dependent on external circumstances, primarily the situation in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's full-scale invasion.

Content enrichment

Bridging text content gaps

  • Content campaigns with external partners: Ukraine's Culture Diplomacy Month 2024 etc. (dependent on the capacity of external partners)
  • Support to thematic weeks on Ukrainian Wikipedia and sister projects at community members' requests (via microgrants)
  • Marathons for gender equality: WikiGap 2024, “She Did It” campaign on Ukrainian Wikipedia, #SheSaid campaign on Ukrainian Wikiquote and others
  • Thematic campaigns devoted to world regions: CEE Spring and others
  • Attracting content to sister Wikimedia projects (Wikiquotes, Wikisource, Wikivoyage and others)
  • Support to initiatives for digitizing freely licensed sources, particularly in cooperation with partners (e.g. cooperation with the Kharkiv Korolenko State Scientific Library)
  • Local content promoting campaigns
    • WikiKharkivshchyna 2024
    • Support to other initiatives for attracting local content, including initiatives for cooperation with government agencies and local authorities (if such initiatives emerge)

Enhancing quality of content

  • Wikigrants to fund purchase of literature to improve Wikimedia proects (via microgrants)
  • Thematic campaign devoted to improvement of key articles (for example, week of popular articles and/or page reviewing week)
  • Support of other initiatives for enhancing quality of content, including the discussion of the translation problem in Wikipedia and/or organizing expert evaluation of articles quality (if such initiatives emerge)

Attracting media content

  • Support to the Wiki Loves Earth 2024 photo contest on the international stage
  • Wiki Loves Earth 2024 in Ukraine photo contest
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2024 in Ukraine photo contest
  • Support of wikiexpeditions — trips to visit local places and sites to improve their coverage on Wikimedia projects (dependent on the situation in Ukraine in 2024, particularly on whether martial law will still be in place)
  • Working with photographers and photo journalists to attract media content (including collective and individual training sessions)
  • Photography grants for Wikimedians to cover events (via microgrants)
  • GLAM: cooperation with libraries, galleries, archives and museums to attract content to Wikimedia projects
  • Developing partnerships and conducting research in the field of cultural and natural heritage protection to support content enrichment activities

Increasing Participation

Attracting new editors to Wikimedia projects

  • Wikimarathon 2024
  • Organizing contests and other content campaigns, particularly for attracting specific target audiences
    • Wikipedia for School 2024 article contest (on Wikipedia and sister projects)
    • Science Photo Competition 2024
    • 1lib1ref (twice) / “Local cultural heritage and prominent people” article contest
    • International Museum Day 2024 and/or other activities for cooperation with the museum community
    • Participation in other active international campaigns: for example, "Wiki Loves Folklore" and / or "#EveryBookItsReader"
  • Wikipedia Education Program — cooperation with educational institutions (schools and universities) for integration of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in the educational process
    • Conducting lectures, trainings and other educational events for pupils and students
    • Development of the community of Wikimedia educators — offline and online events, support of communication channels
  • Development of online courses about Wikipedia
    • Support and development of the "Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom" course on Wikipedia for teachers
    • Creating a general course on how to contribute to Wikipedia (depends on the resources of the volunteer community and external partners)

Increasing diversity of the community of editors, development of inclusiveness

  • Supporting communities of Wikimedia projects in the languages of ethnic groups that have traditionally inhabited Ukraine, particularly Crimean Tatar Wikipedia (dependent on the resources of external partners)
  • Supporting communities of sister wiki projects, particularly awarding most active users of sister projects in the Ukrainian language
  • Holding events for underrepresented groups of users to engage them in contributing to Wikipedia (women, elderly people, people with disabilities, other vulnerable groups)

Community Support and Development

Instruction for community members, facilitation of experience sharing

  • Organizing standalone training sessions for the community for specific skills (factchecking, information security, technical aspects of editing Wikimedia projects etc.)
  • Scholarships to participate in external training sessions per requests
  • Wikiconference 2024
  • Wiki hackathon to raise the community's technical skills (dependent on the resources and on the willingness of community members)
  • Support to initiatives to hold events for communities of sister projects
  • Wikimedia Ukraine's General Assembly (dependent on the situation in Ukraine in 2024, particularly on whether martial law will still be in place)
  • Supporting initiatives to improve cooperation between volunteers
  • Scholarships for international Wikimedia events, particularly:
    • Wikimedia Hackathon 2024
    • Wikimania 2024
    • Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2024

Increasing the community's resilience, motivation and awareness

Awareness about Wikimedia

Media support and promotion of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects

  • Communications work to promote Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, publication of stories of individual volunteers, as well as popularization of Wikimedia Ukraine's projects and overall activities, according to the current consistent communication practices
  • Support of existing communications channels (social media, blogs) and launch of new ones as needed; work on new formats in social media
  • Working with the media – delivering regular press releases, pitching topics proactively
  • Organizing promotional events (press conferences, lectures, webinars etc.)

Working with readers and the general public to increase awareness

  • Creation of informational resources and guides about Wikipedia and sister projects (texts, videos) – both on our own and in cooperation with national and international partners
  • Organization of lectures and trainings about Wikipedia and wikiprojects, in particular in cooperation with external partners
  • Holding a survey for readers of Wikipedia (dependent on available resources)


  • Freedom of panorama advocacy – working with lawmakers, raising awareness (dependent on the status of freedom of panorama in Ukraine in 2024)
  • Advocacy of free licensing on the web resources of Ukrainian government agencies – direct communication with government agencies, raising awareness
  • Advocacy of other changes that benefit the development of free knowledge
  • Monitoring of relevant changes in legislation (especially with regard to European integration)

Institutional development

  • Development of a new multi-year strategic direction for Wikimedia Ukraine, particularly through holding one or several strategy sessions for the NGO's members (dependent on the situation in Ukraine in 2024, particularly on whether martial law will still be in place)
  • Development of Wikimedia Ukraine's fundraising plan
  • Incremental improvements in operational management and coordination of staff and contractors
  • Advancement of international cooperation, particularly through Wikimedia CEE Hub and Wikimedia Europe; help in organizing Wikimania 2024 in Krakow, etc. (depending on the resources of the volunteer community).