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Other activities

Wikimedia Ukraine promotes creation and distribution of free knowledge, primarily through Wikimedia projects. To achieve it, we:

List of publications about our activities and wikiprojects.

We can propose

Wikimedia Ukraine helps implement ideas, both to its members and to other people. We can provide you with:

  • Volunteers who will organize an event connected with Wikimedia projects; teach how to edit Wikipedia, the concept of free licenses & why you cannot distribute someone else’s photos without permission;
  • Assistance in organization of a thematic week or article contest on Wikipedia or other wiki-projects;
  • Informational support, search for like-minded people who can help you (you can also look for them at Wikipedia Village Pump and social media), distribution of information on this website and our blog, through press announces and press conferences;
  • Microgrants (e.g. for taking photos of the events or purchasing books) & scholarships for attending training sessions, as well as consultations on applying for individual grants from Wikimedia Foundation;
  • Photography equipment, printer, working place with Internet access (should be discussed in advance);
  • Assistance with official requests to government institutions (Wikimedia Ukraine is a legal entity, it can provide an official letter with a chair’s signature and a stamp);
  • Bank account (when it comes to sponsors who can support financially).

If you are interested in our ideas and projects or if Wikimedia Ukraine can help you, please reach out to us. You can contact us through Community Portal, on the Ideas page, or by email to info@wikimedia.org.ua.