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Матеріал з Вікімедіа Україна
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Правління вирішило:

  1. Доручити Козленку М.В. оприлюднити заяву щодо проєкту стратегії брендів Вікімедіа:
Following discussions on the brand strategy, Wikimedia Ukraine board states that:
  • If rebranding of our organisations to the Wikipedia brand is implemented, we ask the Wikimedia Foundation to consult affiliates before implementing these changes and propose them opt-in, viable options to use proposed brands at the local level. Ideally multiple solutions should be proposed to allow organisations choose an option adapted to the local context.
  • It is important for Wikimedia Ukraine to either maintain a provision that we have no legal influence over Wikipedia and/or sister projects, or receive specific means (such as legal support) from the Wikimedia Foundation should we be required to assume legal representation of Wikipedia and/or sister projects in Ukraine.

(«За» — IgorTurzh, Ilya, NickK, Олександр Гаврик, Наталія Ластовець; «Не голосували» — JTs, Friend)

20.11.2019, м. Київ