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Project objective[ред.]

Erm. You want to record public domain (PD-old) dumas and other folk music and publish it under not public domain license (so free will became only partly free). Am I right? Perhaps, it is better to use CC-0 license? --Baseобговореннявнесок 23:06, 26 квітня 2013 (UTC)Відповісти

But what difference between CC0 and PD? You are not right in general. Recording of other work will be derivative work, so it has copyright of original work (in our case it is PD) and copyright of recorder (he can choose any license, never can forbid him to use cc-by-sa/nc/nd licenses or anyone else). Whole license will be PD+CC-BY=CC-BY (cc-by is more strict than PD).--Ahonc (обговорення) 16:00, 27 квітня 2013 (UTC)Відповісти
there is no big diff between cc0 and pd. Well, that is what i speak about. Copyright of recorder is what project produce and it can choose leave derivate work in PD too but now it creates restrictions. If we can do it free why do we do it just partly free? --Baseобговореннявнесок 13:02, 29 квітня 2013 (UTC)Відповісти
You can choose any license for DW as you wish, if original work is in PD.--Ahonc (обговорення) 21:54, 30 квітня 2013 (UTC)Відповісти
Yeah, so I want recorders to choose PD license (for example cc-0), but not cc-by-sa as proposed. I think A1 and Yuri Bulka shold answer, not Ahonc. --Baseобговореннявнесок 11:54, 2 травня 2013 (UTC)Відповісти