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Freedom of panorama refers to the right to take or publish photographs, videos, make paintings, drawings of architecture and art works located in public places freely. Freedom of panorama has suitable legal status in 83 countries, from the USA to Japan, including many member states of the European Union. And it was recognized in Russian Civil code on October 2014. Ukraine has no freedom of panorama provision in its copyright laws and we want to change this.

How current Ukrainian law on copyright works?

At the moment Ukrainian laws allow to reproduce works of architecture and art only in order to highlight current events by means of photography and cinematography. This means that if you want to picture or film a building or a monument, an underground station or a plaque, you have to get a permission from the author (architect or sculptor). Permission is not needed only if author died more than 70 years ago: in this case artworks considered to be in public domain. Thus permission is needed for taking photos of almost all buildings or structures of Soviet times and for representations of everything that appeared in public places in Ukraine since independence. Everything from the building of Verkhovna Rada (permission from heirs of architect Zabolotnyi is needed to picture it) to Taras Shevchenko or Holodomor (Man-made famine ) victims in Ukrainian villages. Architects or sculptors generally do not protest when images of their works are used with the proper credit given, but for most photographers contacting these authors is quite a tough task to accomplish.