Обговорення:Рішення Правління №51/2016 від 7 травня 2016

Матеріал з Вікімедіа Україна
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Dear colleagues,

The Board of Wikimedia Ukraine has decided to share the reasoning behind this choice. First of all we are very thankful to everyone who decided to nominate themselves, and to those, who supported them, translated their statements and helped to spread the word.

Secondly, we decided to have 5 places rated. It was a very hard choice to make, we have tried to talk to the candidates and to evaluate their relevant experience and knowledge.

Our first choice remains Nataliia Tymkiv, our Deputy Chair and Treasurer. We have shared our reasoning here: wmua:Рішення Правління №30/2016 від 4 березня 2016.

Our second choice is Christophe Henner, Chair of Wikimédia France Board, deputy CEO of a large organization. He has led WMFR through governance crisis.

Our third choice is Osmar Valdebenito, first President of Wikimedia Chile, former Executive Director of Wikimedia Argentina (and also in charge of their reorganization), Iberocoop Network General Coordinator, current member of Funds Dissemination Committee.

Our fourth choice is Jan Ainali. Unfortunately he was the only candidate we did not get a chance to have a proper talk with, but he has relevant experience (Board member of Wikimedia Sweden, chapter’s ED from 2013 to 2016).

Our fifth choice is Lodewijk Gelauff. While he lacks experience of working with staff as a Board member, he has helped to organise Wiki Loves Monuments, one of the biggest community-driven projects, so his insight can be very useful to the Board of Trustees.

We had a pleasure to talk and listen to almost all candidates. We identified some strong skills in every nominee, but after some long discussions decided to support these 5 candidates, as the most balanced ones. We think that all candidates proved that they are committed to our Movement, and Siska Doviana, Susanna Mkrtchyan, Leigh Thelmadatter, Kunal Mehta and Maarten Deneckere would also make sure that their unique voices are well heard, that WMF and BoT and the Community itself can communicate with each other better. And we think that no matter who is selected, the Community will not stop helping the BoT to improve its work. And we are open to discussions and cooperation, as we believe that this selection process is only a prelude to some real changes. The two people selected will have to keep up with the trust of a lot of people, but it does not mean that 8 not selected yet can rest and just do nothing. We are all going to work really hard if we care and believe in what we do.

On behalf of the Board of Wikimedia Ukraine,

Illia Korniiko, Chair