Вікіконференція 2018/Програма/Фасилітація обговорень

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Facilitating Group Discussions[ред.]


Length (min)[ред.]

180 min

Audience / Target group[ред.]

  • humans

Session Format[ред.]

  • Workshop for participants: techniques will be taught and then practiced in groups


Facilitation is a set of practices and a role that concerns itself with assisting (usually goal-oriented) conversations run smoothly and productively. It is distinct from leading or controlling the conversation. Facilitation relies on fairly well-understood principles in human psychology and sociology, and when done well, can transform dysfunctional conversations or situations into healthy and constructive ones. In this workshop, I will present the importance of good facilitation, and teach some basic facilitation techniques. The participants will get to practice the techniques in small groups.


  • slides from previous occasion