Вікіконференція 2018/Програма/Управління конфліктами

Матеріал з Вікімедіа Україна
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Conflict Managment[ред.]


Length (min)[ред.]

180 min

Audience / Target group[ред.]

  • humans

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All wikis experience conflict. It is as inevitable as taxes. But there are some well-understood principles to navigating inevitable conflict better and less painfully, and I would like to offer some concrete distinctions and mental models that could help us be better participants in conflict when it occurs, and to better avoid conflict the rest of the time.

I will present concepts and the participants will have brief exercises in groups. It is based on a condensation of a 2-day workshop on conflict management I had produced for the Ukrainian community in Kyiv in May 2016.


slides from previous occasions

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