Додаток до рішення Правління №17/2013 від 5 червня 2013

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Прийнятий: Рішення Правління №17/2013 від 5 червня 2013
To Whom It May Concern:

I am authorized by the Board of the Wikimedia Ukraine to inform you that the Wikimedia Ukraine intends to seek funding from the Funds Dissemination Committee for support of specified programs or activities relating to our organization.

I recognize that seeking funds from the FDC is contingent upon compliance with the eligibility requirements outlined in the checklist below, and that to the best of my knowledge my organization is eligible or is on a plan to be eligible based on these criteria.

With this letter, I will provide the Foundation with the details of the governing board members, senior management and key employees associated with my organization to be screened for compliance with US law. For each individual, I will provide full name in English, in the language of origin, any other names used, country of residence, and place and date of birth. We currently plan to request funds in Round 1. At that time, we will submit our annual plan with full financials. We anticipate that our funding request may be approximately UAH 950 000.


Nataliya Tymkiv

Deputy Head of the Board